Many business owners dream of one day passing a prosperous business down to their children, or having their children work alongside them, but few get to realize this dream.

The owner of Total Wrapture Medi Spa, Angie, was able to fulfill this when her daughter, Jessica, decided to join her in managing a new beauty training facility, The iBrow Academy, in 2016.

Angie opened Total Wrapture in 2003 and has enjoyed many successful years running the spa. Olivia, Angie’s other daughter, and Jessica’s twin sister, worked at the spa for a period of time while she was in school but Jessica had always firmly declined. After Jessica completed her undergrad degree, she was trying to figure out what career path to pursue and knew she had always had a passion for beauty and makeup. This coincided with Angie opening up The iBrow Academy and Jessica decided to accept the position of Operations Manager at the school to see if she was interested in working in the beauty industry.

Working with family is not always easy, but as Jessica says, “It has pros and cons, but mostly pros.” Angie was nervous initially as she had never worked with her daughter, but says, “Working with Jessica, has been one surprise after another. She continually amazes me with how smart and committed she is and what incredible people skills she possess. Her positive and respectful attitude makes her an absolute joy to work with and I am most surprised by her ability to think quick on her feet and get creative with problem solving.”

They truly enjoy the time they spend together and are constantly learning new things from each other. Angie says she is learning not to stress, and to “veg.” Jessica reminds her to separate work and home life, take a break, and relax. Jessica says she has learned first hand what it takes to run a business and juggle all the moving parts, adding, “I’m not sure how she does it.” She has also learned to have tough skin and remain on the cutting edge by constantly adding new services and menu items.

Angie and Jessica have learned to effectively manage both businesses and their relationship as mother and daughter. Some days are better than others but days when they are together are always good ones, Angie laughs, “Some days she calls me Angela or Ang, and others days she’ll call me mom, but as long as she’s calling, I’m answering!”