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Laser Brow Pigment Removal

You might be surprised how common it is to change your mind about permanent or semi-permanent brow makeup.

The shape or colour of your enhanced eyebrows may no longer meet your preferences. Styles change with time, and there is no need to settle for something that you don’t love!

We utilize the precision of PicoSure laser technology to diminish, fade, or remove old brow pigment. Whether you have a brow tattoo, microblading, or shading, our treatment can address it effectively. Each session takes a maximum of 15 seconds per brow.

You can then microblade or shade over the treated and healed area to achieve your desired brows!

Our Laser Brow Pigment Removal Services

Laser Brow Pigment Removal

Consultation required and included with this service. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Book this service online in the ‘Tattoo Removal’ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many laser sessions will I need to remove brow pigment?

Many see results in 1 to 2 sessions, while others may need several treatments. The number of treatments required varies from person to person. The total number of sessions depends on factors such as the number of times your brows have been touched up in the past and the type of pigmentation, whether it be microblading, tattoo, or another form of brow pigmentation.

Does microblading removal hurt?

It can be uncomfortable, but we can use a topical numbing cream to ease any discomfort.  The procedure typically only takes about 10 to 15 seconds per eyebrow, depending on their size and saturation level. The treatment is swift, and we will apply ice to the treated area immediately afterward to ensure your comfort. No one has yet regretted getting it done! 

What will my brows look like after each laser treatment session?

It is common for the treated area to be 3 to 4 shades lighter immediately after the procedure. Post-treatment, your eyebrows may have a ring of swelling that usually lasts about 24 hours or less.

To reduce swelling, we recommend keeping the area cool with handy cold compresses.

How soon can I put makeup on my treated eyebrows?

You should wait until any redness or swelling has completely subsided and there is no scabbing present before applying makeup. Typically, this only takes about 24 to 48 hours.

Is laser brow pigment removal good for all skin types?

Yes, Picosure laser brow pigment removal is suitable for various skin types, including fair, medium, and dark skin tones. The advanced technology of Picosure allows for effective and safe fading or removal on a wide range of skin types.

How much does microblading removal cost?

Treatments are typically *$150 for both brows. Your laser technician will estimate how many treatments may be necessary to reach your desired outcome. 

During your complimentary consultation, we will assess your brows and provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

As with all our consultations, we encourage you to get all the information you need regardless of whether or not you are decided. Our skin and laser technicians want to empower you with education about your unique skin and brow pigmentations so that you can make an informed decision when the time is right for you.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please view our online booking page (in the ‘Tattoo Removal’ section) to see the most up-to-date pricing.

What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

Most of our guests find the procedure tolerable and do not require numbing cream (although it is an option). The PicoSure laser delivers energy in ultra-short bursts, with clients often comparing the laser pulse to a snap of a thin rubber band or a momentary touch of a spark from a celebration sparkler. The treatment lasts about 10-15 seconds per brow. Yes, it’s that quick!

What is the post-treatment care needed for microblading removal?

1. Protect the treated area: Keep the treated area clean and protected from sun exposure. You can use ice or cold compresses to cool it if it feels warm.

2. Avoid picking or scratching: Resist the urge to pick at any scabs or blisters that may form. Let them heal naturally.

3. Keep the area clean: Avoid harsh scrubbing or using abrasive cleansers that may irritate the skin.

4. Follow post-treatment instructions: Carefully follow any specific or personalized instructions provided by your laser technician regarding aftercare for your unique skin. They may recommend additional steps or precautions based on your individual situation.

5. Attend follow-up appointments: Stick to your scheduled follow-up treatments with your laser technician. These visits allow them to assess your progress, make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan, and address any concerns or questions you may have. You can also plan your new microblading or shading to get the brows you want!

How long does laser brow pigment removal take?

The entire procedure takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds per eyebrow, depending on their size and saturation.

Rest assured, the treatment is very quick, and we can apply numbing before the treatment and apply ice to the treated area immediately afterward to ensure your comfort.

What is the difference between microblading removal and brow tattoo removal?

Old tattoos use a different type of pigmentation, often with cool undertones. Micropigmentation, composed of browns, reds, and oranges, may break down into various colours during treatment, which is normal for any permanent makeup.

Clients with old tattoos often see immediate improvements, sometimes resulting in a lighter gray or softer tone which they prefer or is easy to microblade over. Whether you have tattooed eyebrows, microblading, or shading, we can effectively diminish or fade the pigment.

During your consultation, we willl assess your brows to provide a clear expectation of the healing process, immediate post-treatment appearance, and the likely reduction in pigment. If you wish to have your brows retreated, re-microbladed, or reshaped, fewer treatments are typically needed if they are redone immediately after healing.

What can I expect when I come in for microblading removal treatment?

When you come in for a PicoSure laser tattoo removal service at Total Wrapture, here’s what you can expect from beginning to end:

1. Consultation: Your appointment will begin with a consultation with an expert laser technician. They will assess your b rows, discuss your goals, and provide you with information about the treatment process, including the number of sessions needed and potential outcomes.

2. Preparation: Before the actual treatment, your laser technician will prepare the treatment area by cleansing your skin. You may book numbing ahead of time if you wish.

3. Treatment session: During the treatment, you will be positioned comfortably, and the PicoSure laser will be used to target the brow. The laser emits short bursts of energy, which will be delivered to the skin using a handheld device. You may feel sensations such as a snapping or tingling sensation on your skin, but discomfort is typically minimal and treatments only last seconds.

4. Protective measures: To ensure safety, both you and your laser technician will wear protective eyewear throughout the procedure. 

5. Post-treatment care: After the treatment, your laser technician will provide you with instructions on how to care for the treated area. 

6. Multiple sessions: Dramatic diminishment typically requires multiple treatment sessions, spaced several weeks apart. The exact number of sessions will depend on various factors, including the size, colour, and depth of the pigment, as well as individual response to the treatment.

7. Gradual fading and results: Over time, you will begin to notice a gradual fading of the brow as the body naturally eliminates the fragmented ink particles. 

8. Follow-up appointments: Your laser technician may schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress, assess the healing process, and determine if any additional treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results. You can also plan your new brow microblading or shading at this time to get the brows you want!

What sets PicoSure apart from other brow pigment removal treatments?

Instead of solely relying on heat to burn away the unwanted ink or pigment deposit, PicoSure shatters the pigment into particles for the body to naturally reabsorb.

This unique method avoids burning surrounding tissue, resulting in a more comfortable procedure. It is considered one of the most exciting discoveries in recent medical history.

Are there any factors that may disqualify me from receiving laser brow pigment removal?

While PicoSure laser brow pigment removal is safe and effective, certain conditions or circumstances may affect your eligibility for the procedure. Here are some factors that could potentially prevent you from qualifying for laser tattoo removal:

1. Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions or underlying health issues may impact your eligibility for laser tattoo removal. For example, if you have a history of keloid scarring, poor wound healing, or immune system disorders, it may affect the healing process after the treatment.

2. Medications and topical products: Certain medications or topical products that you are using may interfere with the laser tattoo removal process or increase the risk of complications. It’s important to inform your practitioner about any medications, including topical creams or ointments, that you are currently using.

3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding: We do not perform laser tattoo removal for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. 

4. Recent sun exposure or tanning: Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds prior to the treatment.

5. Open wounds or infections: If you have an active infection or open wounds in the treatment area, it may be necessary to delay the laser tattoo removal until the area has fully healed.

Why is brow pigment removal popular?

Styles change! Most micropigmentation artists will not work over existing pigment and may recommend one or two sessions of tattoo removal to lighten the area before reapplying their techniques. 

In the past, powder and ombre brows, which lacked hair strokes and had a highly saturated, makeup-like finish, were very popular. Recently, the trend has shifted towards the more natural look of microblading. Brow tattoo removal is the first step to achieving your desired brows.

If you are unhappy with your old microblading or brow tattoo, we highly recommend having them removed. Our clients never regret it; the treatments are quick and effective (only seconds), leaving you relieved and thrilled with your new brows or the ability to get the ones you want.


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