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There are many different treatments for my skin concern. How do I choose one?

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Let’s Get Started

We’re so glad you’ve browsed our website! We are proud to be the continued recipient of Winnipeg’s most prestigious awards for Medi Spas and Skin Clinics. For multiple years in a row, we have been the recipient of both the Consumer Choice Award and Top Choice Award. 

We excel in results-driven treatments, industry innovation, and an uncompromising focus on providing the highest quality to our guests. This includes many types of advanced treatments to address your specific skin concerns right here in Winnipeg. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of solutions we offer for each skin concern? For example, you may want to target acne. You’ll notice that for acne we offer the choice of clinical peels, 3 different types of facials, and microneedling. Perhaps you’ve searched other concerns such as wrinkles or scarring and found multiple solutions there too.  How can you know which one is right for you? We have an answer to this common question!

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Your Skin is Unique

There are many ways in which skin differs from person to person. These differences vary widely and can be based on many indicators. You probably know facial skin types such as oily, dry, or combination. However, many other factors determine how your skin responds to skin care treatments. This is true for both your face and body. The best treatment can be based on sensitivity, age, sun exposure or damage, elasticity, and pore congestion to name a few. In addition, your unique skin is categorized into a type based on the Fitzpatrick scale, which measures skin complexion in relation to tolerance to light. These factors determine which of our treatments will be the most efficient for your skin.

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Your first step: A Complimentary Skin Consultation!


A Quick and Easy Way to Know for Sure

The fact that you are reading this article means that you care about the health of your skin. This is so incredibly important as finding a reputable provider of skin care is crucial for you to reach both your short-term and long-term skin goals safely and efficiently. We’re happy that we’ve found each other! Our free skin consultations are designed for you to receive a detailed, expert assessment from our experienced skin technicians. You now also have the option to book an online consultation! 

During this consultation, we may find you a treatment that targets more than one skin concern. For example, you may be coming in to address unwanted wrinkles and find the treatment that is best for you also addresses sun spots or indented chickenpox scars.

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Tailored to Fit You

 If we are addressing your facial skin concerns, your skin technician will likely use our complimentary Skin Analysis Scanner to provide you with in-depth mapping of the condition of your skin based on multiple factors. If you are addressing body goals such as targeting stretch marks, unwanted hair, or finally getting that body contouring, they will ensure you get the best treatment for your skin type, timeline goals, and budget.

Our Skin Technician, Amy, noted, “We not only want to help you get the best treatment for your unique skin, but we also want to help you make the most efficient financial choices for your skin.” She continues, “I provide you with a financial breakdown and options such as packages that help you save.”

I want to have my treatment immediately after my consultation.

 We’ve got you covered! When you book your Skin Consultation online, you’ll have the option of booking either the consultation on its own or a Skin Consultation with Treatment. The latter allows you to immediately enjoy a customized treatment once we’ve determined together what the best solution is. Prefer an online consultation? That option is now also available for you to book! 

I would like to target multiple concerns. Where do I start?

You Can Have More Than One Skin Goal

You’re not alone in wanting to address more than one concern! This is a common request we get, and one we love to answer based on your unique skin and the multiple treatment options we have to attain your skin goals. We focus on addressing your primary concerns as well as understanding your long-term goals. For example, you may immediately want to address rosacea and dry skin. However, you may also be interested in learning more about skin tightening or cellulite reduction

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Perhaps your immediate goal is tattoo removal, but you also want to start laser hair removal. While our focus remains your primary concern, we will ensure to give you information on any other area you may want to address in the future. If you want to address your acne scars but are still experiencing active acne, we will also show you all the tools you need to diminish active acne so future scar removal is minimal.

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Amy has been a skin technician for over 11 years.

Keeping Your Treatments Efficient

 Your Skin Technician will help create a treatment plan that plots out your wellness goals based on your order of importance, availability, and budget. As we have many solutions that address more than one concern, you will get the most out of your treatment by listing your entire wellness and beauty wishlist during your consultation!

Amy notes, “Skin education is important to us. We want to empower you to have sustainably healthy skin by helping you learn more about it.” She continues, “I never want to sell you on treatments, but my goal is to help you understand all your options better.” The consultation is free, but the care and wealth of information you will receive about your unique skin is invaluable. 

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Skin or Laser Consultation?

 You’ll notice that you have multiple options online when booking your consultation. You may have browsed our laser treatments and discovered that they provide advanced solutions and deliver dramatic results. You’re quite certain that given the choice between a more traditional option and laser, you’d rather have a laser treatment. Perhaps your goal is one that can only be addressed with our laser treatments such as laser hair removal or the Three-For-Me multi-concern treatment. You may then choose to simply book a Laser Consultation. However, if you would like to explore all your options, the Skin Consultation is perfect for you!

What next?

 Are you ready to pop in for a consultation and get started on your self-care goal to treat your beautiful skin? Just head online to our website and click “Book Now”. Create your account within seconds and select your consultation. Once you’ve picked your date and time, you’ll be on your way to getting the skin you’ve always wanted. Most people don’t realize how easy and efficient addressing skin goals is, and wish they had done this sooner. Why wait? Embark on your wellness journey today!

How can I save on my treatments?

Your Skin is Only Going to Get More Beautiful

 While our treatments are kept affordable, there may be different reasons why you’d want to invest in your skin. We often welcome guests who have multiple concerns or skin goals that they want to address. Perhaps they want to focus on just one, but would like multiple treatments over time to ensure the best results or to maintain healthy skin over the long term. 

We Want to Set You Up for Success and Savings

 We’ve made it easier for you to save with our Platinum Card! This is simply a reloadable card that allows you to save between 10%-20% on your treatments, depending on how much you load onto it. Our free Rewards Card allows you to earn points to use on your upcoming treatments! Watch your point count go up and spend it toward attaining your beauty goals. In addition, many of our treatments are available in packages! If you and your skin technician decide to address your concern with more than one treatment, packages ensure that you save.


 Lastly, make sure to follow our Instagram and Facebook page to see some amazing client results and content we save for our followers and special guests! Book your complimentary in-person or online Skin Consultation here today, and enjoy clear, smooth, tight, and healthy skin for many years to come. See you soon!

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