Eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity and for decades they have been an iconic part of beauty routines. Some women are blessed with long, curly, naturally dark lashes while others try the latest mascara, false eyelashes and eyelash extensions in pursuit of the perfect eyelash.

If you haven’t mastered the art of putting on fake eyelashes, or you don’t want to commit to eyelash extensions, a lash lift might be just what you’re looking for!  It’s a great option for those who have long lashes that lack natural curl. If your lashes are light semi-permanent mascara will make them pop.

You can combine a lash lift with a semi-permanent mascara treatment to give you the long, dark lashes that you desire. Our Total Wrapture certified lash technicians use an advanced lash lift formula to give your lashes the perfect curl that will last eight to twelve weeks. Lashforever Lash Lift formula is FDA and Health Canada approved and is 100% safe for your eyes and natural lashes.

The Lashforever semi permanent mascara achieves the look of a full coat of mascara and only needs to be applied every three weeks, depending on the level of after care provided. The non clump mascara is waterproof, volumizing and the most liquefied pigment in the industry, giving you longer and fuller hassle-free lashes. A semi-permanent mascara treatment last three weeks.

Both treatments are non invasive and take just forty five minutes to one hour each. Enjoy a painless, stress-free, relaxing service (some people even have a quick nap!) When the treatments begin to wear off your lashes will naturally fall and lighten to their usual state, no awkward in-between appointments look. They look and feel like your natural lashes (but better), so you can swim, sleep, shower and exercise without fear of damaging them.

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