Our Team

At Total Wrapture Medi Spa, we owe our success to our amazing team of highly-educated estheticians who continue to pursue knowledge and skill-building, as well as our innovative managers and valued guests who let us accompany them on their beauty and wellness journeys. ⁠

Total Wrapture Medi Spa owner and founder, Angie

Angela Jureidini, owner and operator of Total Wrapture Medi Spa.

Total Wrapture Medi Spa was founded by Angela Jureidini, who is also the owner and operator of Wrapture Beauty Academy, along with her husband, Michael Dean.

Angela believes in the importance of ongoing growth. Encouraging both individual and corporate growth is a central part of the culture at Total Wrapture, and its focus on an innovative mindset is a founding principle on which the medi spa was built. Above all, Angela continuously cultivates and motivates a high-performance team of experienced estheticians and skin technicians to deliver the highest quality of advanced treatments to our guests.

Shauna joined our team 19 years ago.

This expert medical esthetician and laser technician is renowned Winnipeg-wide for her passion for skin care and helping guests attain their skin goals with spectacular results.

total wrapture esthetician, Mel

Mel has been an esthetician for over 34 years.

Today she not only practices advanced skin and laser services, but she is a well-known face across the country as an online and in-person advanced beauty educator.

total wrapture esthetician, Amy

Amy has been a medical esthetician for over 11 years.

She continues to provide exceptional skin and laser services in Winnipeg. Her knowledge of skin and optimal skincare use enriches the wellness routines of our guests.

total wrapture estheticians, Sarah, Megan and Miranda

You may already know Meagan and Miranda!

These estheticians are at the forefront of the industry where they are constantly upgrading their skills and leading in beauty services in Winnipeg. Not only do they offer advanced skin and laser services, but they are also sought after for their expertise in brows and lashes.