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The 3-in-1 Super Facial
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What is an OxyGeneo facial?

The OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial is an innovative facial treatment with a patented approach that provides 3 actions in one:  exfoliation of dead skin and dirt, oxygenation for the skin from within the body, and infusion of protective, corrective, and preventative ingredients.

This treatment stimulates natural skin oxygenation leading to immediately noticeable youthful, rejuvenated skin and a radiant glow.

OxyGeneo Exfoliate treatment diagram how it works

Exfoliate: The OxyGeneo™ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, open clogged pores, smooth the surface and renew the skin.

The treatment generates an abundance of CO2 bubbles that permeate the upper skin layer to trigger a physiological response known as the Bohr Effect.

OxyGeneo diagram of how it works

Oxygenate: OxyGeneo™ harnesses the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within with the Bohr Effect!

During the Bohr Effect, the body sends O2-rich blood to the skin to replace the CO2. This results in optimal skin oxygenation and increased cellular activity.

OxyGeneo Nourish diagram of how it works

Nourish: At the same time, OxyGeneo™ nourishes the skin with nutrients, vitamins and other active ingredients which keep it healthy and glowing for the long term.

Our Oxygeneo Facial Services

Oxy Illuminate with Ultrasound Infusion

The best in skin brightening. Activated by Vitamin C to brighten & unify skin tone. Improves pigmentation, improves skin texture, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.

Acne Super Facial - OxyBalance

The ultimate skin cleanser. Mattifies oily skin, purifies clogged pores, and clears toxins & bacteria. Activated bamboo charcoal cleans dirt, dead cells, and sebum. Clear congested skin for a cleansed, dewy glow!

Oxy Revive with Ultrasound Infusion

For skin rejuvenation. Activated by Red Algae to replenish antioxidants, revitalize dull skin, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Oxy Hydrate with Ultrasound Infusion

For skin hydration. Activated by Blue Spirulina to deeply hydrate and repair skin barrier function. Adds essential nutrients to optimize the circulation of moisture throughout the skin.

Oxy Detox with Ultrasound Infusion

Detox, protect, and clarify. Activated by Green Tea, Oxy Detox is the ideal skin detoxification treatment. It removes toxins and impurities from the skin, prevents oxidative stress and repairs the skin barrier defense system.

Oxy Glam with Ultrasound Infusion

Skin firming & elasticity. A luxurious treatment powered by silk amino acids and peptides for mature skin that provides a firming effect and enhanced hydration. Experience increased skin elasticity and visible reduction of fine lines and small wrinkles!

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Optional Add-Ons

Add-on: RF Skin Tightening - Face
Add-on: RF Skin Tightening - Neck
Add-on: RF Skin Tightening - Jawline

Prices are subject to change without notice.

LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment at Total Wrapture Medi Spa Winnipeg

LED Light Therapy | $30

Optional treatment add-on.

Boost your face treatment with LED Light therapy! Infrared light penetrates your skin at specific wavelengths to boost collagen production and visibly smooth out wrinkles, control acne-causing bacteria, and even-out skin tone. 


Frequently Asked Questions

All Oxygeneo treatments include ultrasound infusion to add active ingredients that nourish the skin and promote a healthier and smoother complexion.  Learn more below:

How does an OxyGeneo facial Work?

The initial stage of the OxyGeneo facial treatment resembles microdermabrasion, gently exfoliating the upper layer of your skin to eliminate dead cells, promote skin renewal, and create an optimal canvas for nutrient absorption. 

OxyGeneo delivers a nourishing blend of active ingredients into your skin using ultrasound infusion. Your skin technician will have picked the active ingredient blend during your pre-facial skin consultation according to your unique skin and needs.

OxyGeneo also triggers the production of CO2 bubbles on your skin’s surface, prompting a physiological response that encourages oxygen-rich blood flow and enhances the absorption of the revitalizing ingredients, ultimately rejuvenating your skin.

What are the benefits of an OxyGeneo facial?

An OxyGeneo facial delivers a range of impressive results for your skin. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Improved skin texture: The exfoliation and infusion process helps smooth the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of roughness and promoting a more refined texture.
  • Enhanced skin tone: OxyGeneo helps even out the skin tone, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, and promoting a brighter complexion.
  • Increased hydration: The super facial deeply hydrates the skin, leaving it plump, nourished, and radiant.
  • Revitalized appearance: OxyGeneo provides an immediate glow and freshness, leaving your skin looking revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • Improved product absorption: The exfoliation and oxygenation steps enhance the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients, making your skincare products more effective.

Specific results may vary depending on your skin condition and the number of treatments, but many individuals experience significant improvements after just one session. For optimal and long-lasting effects, consider opting for an OxyGeneo Super Facial multiple times a year when selecting your monthly facial.

How is my skin oxygenated during an OxyGeneo facial?

During an OxyGeneo facial, CO2 bubbles are created through a process known as the “Bohr effect.” The Bohr effect is your skin’s response that occurs when the treatment’s specialized OxyGeneo Capsule comes into contact with the OxyGeneo applicator and leaves you with a dewy glow.

The OxyGeneo Capsule contains a safe and gentle combination of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. When the Capsule comes into contact with the OxyGeneo applicator’s gel, a scientific reaction is triggered, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles.

As these CO2 bubbles are formed, they gently burst on the skin’s surface. This interaction stimulates the Bohr effect, which is a phenomenon where the increase in CO2 levels causes blood vessels in the treated area to dilate. This dilation leads to improved blood circulation in the skin, bringing about an influx of oxygen-rich blood to your face and an inimitable, healthy glow.

The enhanced blood flow and oxygenation has several beneficial effects on the skin:

  1. The increased oxygen supply nourishes skin cells and supports their overall health and vitality. 
  2. The improved blood circulation aids in the absorption of the revitalizing ingredients applied during the OxyGeneo treatment, as the skin becomes more receptive to nutrient uptake.

The combination of exfoliation, infusion of active ingredients, and the Bohr effect’s oxygenation contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin. The OxyGeneo facial not only helps to renew the skin’s texture and tone but also provides a radiant and youthful glow.

What are the benefits of ultrasound infusion during an OxyGeneo facial?

The ultrasound infusion process in an OxyGeneo facial treatment uses low-intensity ultrasound waves to create temporary openings between skin cells. These openings increase the skin’s permeability (ability to absorb active ingredients), facilitating better infusion of nourishing ingredients applied during the treatment. The result is revitalized, hydrated, and more youthful-looking skin.

The ultrasound also increases blood circulation that brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, improves moisture retention, tightens enlarged pores, and relieves puffiness around the eyes. The process is painless and soothing on the skin.

How does ultrasound infusion work during an OxyGeneo facial?

The ultrasound wand is applied in circular motions during your super facial, and low-intensity waves gently penetrate your skin. These waves create temporary openings between skin cells, a phenomenon commonly referred to as “sono/phonophoresis”. These temporary openings are like tiny channels that facilitate the enhanced absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.

Ultrasound infusion during an OxyGeneo facial treatment is a non-invasive and gentle procedure, making it suitable for most skin types. The treatment is painless and comfortable, without any downtime or recovery period.

By temporarily increasing the skin’s permeability, the ultrasound infusion allows for a significantly higher infusion of the nourishing and revitalizing ingredients that are applied onto the skin during the OxyGeneo facial treatment. This, in turn, maximizes the benefits of the treatment, promoting better hydration, increased collagen production, and improved overall skin texture and tone.

How does an OxyGeneo facial feel?

Our guests describe it as a soothing and comfortable experience. The treatment starts with gentle exfoliation, which might feel like a soft massage on the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities without causing any discomfort.

During the oxygenation step, you may experience a bubbling sensation as the OxyGeneo machine releases carbon dioxide bubbles, infusing the skin with oxygen-rich bubbles, which can feel refreshing and invigorating.

The ultrasound infusion part of the treatment involves the application of a smooth, handheld device to the skin, which delivers low-intensity ultrasound waves. This step is typically painless and might be described as a light, warm sensation.

Experience the relaxing, skin-rejuvenating, and pampering experience of OxyGeneo! 


Is there any downtime after an OxyGeneo facial?

No, there is no downtime. The OxyGeneo facial treatment is a non-invasive and gentle procedure that does not require any recovery period. 

After the treatment, you can immediately resume your daily activities without any restrictions. Your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated, and rejuvenated right after the session, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules or anyone looking for an efficient pick-me-up for their skin.

As always, follow your skin technician’s aftercare instructions, such as using sunscreen to protect your newly treated skin. Additionally, a proper skincare routine at home will help prolong and enhance the results of your OxyGeneo facial.

How long does an OxyGeneo facial take?

The duration of the actual treatment typically ranges between 30 to 45 minutes. However, the exact time may vary depending on various factors, including the specific settings chosen for the treatment and any additional customized steps incorporated into the session. We encourage you to plan for check-in time as well as the thorough, personalized skin consultation that takes place before any treatment here. 

The OxyGeneo facial is known for its efficiency and effectiveness, offering a comprehensive skincare treatment in a time-efficient period. This makes it a convenient option for those with busy schedules who are seeking an efficient and rejuvenating monthly facial without downtime. You can resume your regular activities immediately after the session.

Ask for a customized routine skincare recommendation using pharmaceutical-grade products to support the skin rejuvenation you benefit from when you receive facials.

What treatments can I add-on to enjoy additional benefits?

You can enhance the benefits of an OxyGeneo facial by adding on treatments such as dermaplaning, LED light therapy, and RF skin tightening to it. These additional treatments work synergistically with OxyGeneo to provide even more significant improvements to your skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. 

We’ve simplified the process by having these as add-on options that will pop-up when you book your OxyGeneo facial online.

Dermaplaning: Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation technique that involves using a specialized blade to remove vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Adding dermaplaning to your OxyGeneo facial will further enhance the exfoliation step, allowing for deeper penetration of the active ingredients during the infusion phase. This dual exfoliation process promotes smoother, more radiant skin, and helps skincare products to be better absorbed, maximizing their benefits. It will also leave you with a velvety-smooth canvas for makeup application. 

LED Light Therapy: LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns. When combined with an OxyGeneo facial, LED light therapy provides additional benefits such as:

  • Blue light (415 nm) targets acne-causing bacteria, making it an excellent choice for individuals with acne-prone skin.
  • Red light (630 nm) stimulates collagen production and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Green light (525 nm) helps to reduce pigmentation and promote an even skin tone.

Incorporating LED light therapy after your OxyGeneo facial treatment allows you to address specific skin concerns and customize the session according to your unique needs.

TriPollar RF Skin Tightening: Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is a non-surgical technique that utilizes controlled heat energy to stimulate collagen production and improve skin firmness and elasticity. When combined with an OxyGeneo facial, RF skin tightening complements the rejuvenating effects of the treatment by promoting long-term skin tightening benefits. 

The heat from the RF treatment penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, triggering collagen remodeling and leading to improved skin tightness over time. As a result, you will experience a more lifted and toned appearance in addition to the immediate glow and hydration from the OxyGeneo facial.

Oxygeneo Facial Before And After

OxyGeneo provides results you can see, including: Smoother texture, tighter skin, wrinkle reduction, restored hydration, a healthy glow, reduced pigmentation, and alleviated irritation.