My experience at Total Wrapture was amazing! I had a skin tag removal treatment and at first I had second thoughts about this treatment as I wasn’t sure if it would work for me. After the consultation, they told me the treatment may be uncomfortable and the skin tag will be dark for about a week. Within days, I could see my skin tags peeling off. What they explained to me was so true. Now every time I touch my neck I can’t feel any of my skin tags anymore and it’s such a relief. Thank you to Total Wrapture Spa.


I’ve been a Total Wrapture client for 12 years now, manicures, pedicures, facials. About a year ago I started laser hair removal with Amy, and have now completed my treatments of legs, underarms and Brazilian.  When I started Amy said to me “it will be life changing” and it is!!! The freedom from shaving and smooth as butter skin is nothing but “life changing”. As well as the laser I have had many microdermabrasion facials and the results have left me asking them as gifts for Christmas, Birthday and Valentines. Today I had my first Dermaplaning and im anticipating wonderful results as my face feels so smooth and is already glowing.


I love it when your staff zap my face with laser beams, like super hero’s fighting the evil’s of time and saving us all from certain aging!


I have to say my most favourite experience I have received at Total Wrapture Medi Spa was just recently actually!!  My daughter and I were having a girls weekend while my husband and son were away on a hockey tournament.  I had asked her if she wanted to go for a pedicure with me?!!  And of course, her response was, YES!!!!!!  She has been for a pedicure before, but not with me.  The look on her face when we walked in, and when she got to sit in the spa chair to get her toes done, was priceless!  She was so excited to be able to do this with me, that she asked when we can do it again!!  So this was a great first mother/daughter experience I will never again!!  Thanks for letting me be able to experience this with her!!!  And I have to say, the staff that were helping her, were so patient and kind!  Another great reason why I always come back to get my feet done there!!!!


Hey there!  If you are interested in laser hair removal, then I seriously recommend total wrapture day spa!  It’s an incredibly easy and quick process.  I an absolutely amazed with the results and I will continue to recommend total wrapture to those seeking laser hair removal!

Maureen D

I thought i would always be miserable over my hair growth in my bikini/legs/underarms/upper lip areas. i heard about laser and thought i would give it a try as a last resort. after one treatment on those areas, i already noticed a DRASTIC change. My dark, coarse hair grew back thinner and lighter or didnt grow back at all. After 3 and 4 treatments i barely grow hair, and if i do, i cant see it or feel it. my skin is smooth, and im not self conscious to show it off with shorts/ bathing suit anymore. now that i dont have to worry everyday about razor burn or needing to shave, i feel more confident, sexy and clean. since so many other attempts at hair removal failed me in the past, i was skeptical of laser, but i fell in love with the results it gave me, and total wrapture itself. Every time i come here i feel welcome and appreciated as a customer and as a woman. i will always use services here because my laser technician Amy has blown me away with her professionalism, her skills and her knowledge on laser. she has always been attentive to my personal needs when it comes to laser, dermaplaning and skincare. i trust her advice because it works EVERYTIME. im a life long customer of Amys at total wrapture.


I have been a client at Total Wrapture for just over a year now and let me tell you that it is by far the best spa I have ever been to.  My favourite treatment is Laser Hair Removal.  Their machine is outstanding and so are their technicians.  I have struggled with hair growth since I was 12.  With my background I am prone to having thick, coarse hair and lot of it.  Needless to say shaving is something I hated and used to have to do every other day, if not daily.    That was until I purchased my first laser package and met Amy, my laser girl!  I have now received 4 sessions for full legs &  brazilian and 2 sessions for underarms.  I NO LONGER shave every day.  I fact I maybe shave twice within the last YEAR!  My hair used to be thick and course; it is now very thin and sparse.  I HIGHLY recommend their laser hair removal to all ladies and men!  It is by far the best service and treatment I have ever purchased.  It is simply a life changer!


It’s hard to pick just one thing since every one of my spa visits has been an absolute delight!   I guess if I had to pick a favorite, I love the Vital C facial.  It is so completely relaxing, and my skin afterwards glows for days and days.   Thank you for everything!!


I really enjoyed my microdermabrasion appt.  It was so relaxing and my skin felt amazing afterwards.  I also discovered my new favourite skin care line at your spa, the Image Skin Care line!


All my experiences at Total Wrapture have been great.  Love the pedi (who doesn’t?) but my recent facial surpassed my expectations and would have to say that is my favorite experience.  Thanks for the pampering!


The minute I walk into Total Wrapture Day Spa I feel transformed into a world of relaxation and calm.  One of my favourite service is the microdermabrasion.  My skin feels velvety inside and out.  I always leave the spa feeling invigorated and cleansed in one way or another.


Just wanted to say my favourite experience has to be the staff.  From the moment you walk in until the minute you leave.  You are treated like it was your first experience there every time.  The professionalism is top notch from the owner right on down to the staff.  The services offered are by far state of the art with the newest trends and technology.  You can’t go wrong with Wrapture you need to experience if first hand for yourself.  You will not be disappointed.


My favourite experience at your spa is every time I walk through the door!  I know I’ll be greeted with courtesy and professionalism and the absolute best service the aesthetician can give.  The warm, comfortable atmosphere you provide is relaxing and just makes me want more.  It’s a great place.

Brian & Pauline

Brian and I have been clients of the Total Wrapture Spa for three years. Amy and Lonie have been our Esthetician and Relaxation  massage technicians. We, attend every four weeks.
This is our spa day and our transformation day. We are so pleased with the service these two ladies perform for us.  We wish to express our appreciation to both of them and to the management for their excellent attention to detail for an enjoyable visit.


My experience with the spa was mainly when I have come in for a pedicure, and at those times it was a very relaxing experience and I also found the spa staff very friendly and the spa itself very clean.


My favorite experience is our monthly Pedicure appointments with Amy & Loni on Saturday’s @ 8:00 AM.  There is usually no other clients at that time and we have a great time talking and laughing while we get our feet done. Great therapy after a long work week. It took a major illness for me to finally convince my husband to have a pedicure and now he is the one  who looks forward to going to the Spa and lets all his men friends know that they should be doing this as well and regrets he waited so long to do it!


My favorite experience was taking my daughter to total wrapture for her first pedicure(many years ago).  We had mother and daughter pedicures and thoroughly enjoyed them and still do!

Elaine G

I generally  come in for a pedicure & the ultimate  stress relief is the sand/salt rub. FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!
Of course the appearance of my feet is also a very good feeling. Thanks to all, always enjoy when I am on your spa.

Margaret K

Hi just would like you to know,I’ve been coming to the spa for a few years now.I only come 3-4 times a year but each experience and treatment has been wonderful.Usually I attend with my daughter and daughter-in-law and we always have the same girls do  whatever treatment we have and they are great! Talk and laugh a lot and leave feeling very relaxed and content. Thank you for being there and making our visits enjoyable.