If you notice that you have developed a skin tag don’t panic, you’re not alone.  Skin tags are extremely common soft skin growths that almost everyone will experience at least once in their life.  People can have anywhere from one to hundreds of skin tags, and they most commonly occur on eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and under breasts.  Skin tags typically develop from hormonal changes, weight gain or repeated skin on skin contact (rubbing).

Skin tags can’t necessarily be prevented entirely but weight loss, changes in diet and shifts in hormones may help to decrease the frequency and amount in which they appear. Be mindful of wearing tight clothes or jewelry in areas where you are prone to them.Skin Tag Removal Winnipeg

Skin tags are cosmetically unappealing and generally harmless, but can become irritated and painful if caught on clothing, jewelry etc.  Although there are many DIY at home methods suggested on the internet, one of the safest ways to minimize scarring and infection during the removal process is ThermoLo treatment.

At Total Wrapture Medi Spa we use a ThermoLo machine, which uses RF technology,  to safely and effectively remove skin tags.  A probe is used to transmit small electrical current to remove the skin tag.  The procedure itself is virtually painless and requires no recovery time.  Clients experience a mild heating sensation during the procedure and a numbing cream is applied prior to minimize discomfort.

The procedure itself takes only 15-20 minutes and removal treatment starts as low as $25 per skin tag.  If a client requires more than five skin tags to be removed we offer a volume discount.

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