person with rosacea on upper cheek


Photofacial ・Cocktail Facials ・Clinical Facials ・ IMAGE Skin Peels 

Are you experiencing a flare-up? Rosacea is known to cause redness and visible blood vessels that may produce small, red, pus-filled bumps on the surface of the skin.

At Total Wrapture Medical Spa, we have a wide selection of non-invasive treatments to help improve the appearance of rosacea. Allow us to customize the best rosacea treatment for you.


This is an advanced laser treatment that helps clear undesirable pigmentation and vessels from your skin quickly, easily, and with minimal downtime. 

esthetician performing photo facial treatment
woman receiving facial treatment

Cocktail Facials

Cocktail facials provide the most stunning results for the most common skin issues such as rosacea. We deliver Dermedics specially-formulated serums into the skin’s epidermis using needle-free mesotherapy for safe and amazing results.

Clinical Peels

Our unique selection of specific chemical peels allows us to customize a facial treatment that is just right for you. Our Total Wrapture Beauty Shop carries the full IMAGE™ Skincare line in Winnipeg and online.

woman receiving image skin peel treatment
woman applying cosmetics onto face

Clinical Facials

Using IMAGE™ Skincare professional products, we create a personalized facial to treat your rosacea that works at a cellular level to nourish, correct, and protect your skin. This cosmeceutical line features paraben-free professional treatments and take-home products to achieve the best clinical results.